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Raszor Bankata is a Lightening Reggae and Dancehall Artist coming form Ghana west Africa. He was born on the 15.December,1981 named Osman Kobbinah Mensah Hamid, as the last birth Child of his Soulful Indiginous African Parents and was raised in Sekondi-Takoradi the One and Only Twin-City of Ghana. The Music Inspiration took him at the early school age. He was writing Poems and Phrases of high Iditations, his community and school colleagues seen him always as thought, OK Cultured and titled Poems of majestical height of a real Acolyte and bough. Intensively Raszor plugged on a new vision of music and formed a Crew named ''Burning Soulz'' Harder as Rock, easy as its falling from Sky, Rise to Hip Life Music. Lately (1997) Burning Soulz ''Da Souls Of The West'' rated on top form, they were singing typical African Hip Life (R&B-Rap) in Fanti, Twi and English. Raszor was known as ''Ex Ray Da Wonky'' he rosed with the Soulz Toured around along the Coast of Ghana. Publically they invited for a Talent Show in the Capital City Accra, in the year (1999) by TV 3 and Da Soulz made it a blazing hour Show, from there they also got invited by Booking agencies, Schools, Music Talent competitions and they made it Successfully. As time goes on and changes happens, Raszor carry on his solo Career in Greater Accra. Rasta was living in Rastafarian Community, as well Conscious about African Roots and Culture as it was from Birth. A real Ghanaian will say ''Sankofa'' simply means, ''It's not a Taboo to go back and fetch what you forgot.'' After one year in Greater Accra, he became a member of Ghana Musiga Union and also met many Heartical Artist and Band like the Militant Youthz, All Star Band, the Nubian Conquerors and many Others. He said, he was working hard for meager rewards - R'member, deter wasn't the Aim of ''MA'WAY'' Movement. Rasta acquire exclusive experiences and tune his style with dulcet vocals, stilt Strictly Reggae and Dancehall Music. With his unpredictable and catchy lyrics all his Friends chose to call him Raszor. His actual aim was to show the World his Love, Blissful music and Confer. OK shortly explains the name ''Brankata'' simply as Producing Machine especially Composing Music. Raszor Traveled to Switzerland to pursue his ambitious music position World Widely in the year (2004). After two years roaring for the bestow, the people got to discovered the gamut of Raszor, they book him for Shows with sound System and Band as a Conscious African Musician, he Played and met with many Artist from Europe and all over the world, and many more others which he never mentioned. Beginning of (2007) OK Visited Jamaica for a research about Rastafarianism and Reggae Musical back ground. He said it's Granted to be One of the Cardinal Points which is going to realize the Movement of ''MA'WAY Lionz. He went to Bobo Hills '9 mile' for short video documents, He said August Town was like in Zion, Judgment Yard was full of Blessings. He moved on to Nyahbinghi Hills and did accomplished his Mission to Jamaica. Rasta Toured in South France with One Four Nine Band and did record couple songs with them, one is the forwarding track ''Give Thanks'' which was launched around (2010) still hitting and touching the Heart of his global fans. Lately (2013) Raszor begin working with ''Bassy Prod.'' Seriously with extra-ordinary potential and Authentically Focused. Curiously he said (2014) this is going to be emancipated with Home and Abroad, for it's Ordered as the Ultimate ex-spitted Lyrics and vibes Album ''STAY STRONGER.'' On the 7th January, 2014 he Launched his Conqueror tenor Single ''Eye Red'' Out on iTunes and all International and Local marketing Stores and Internet Shops. Now! Watch out for the Capable Launching update, Concerts, Tour and Festivals from the one and the only Raszor Brankata. May Him Stay with Us All!!! MA'WAY Salute.