Raszor Brankata With Bounty Killer @grunggaadzilla inna Zürich. Kaboom JA/GH
King with Star Son Kahpun inna Ghana higher vibes and Culture.
Ghana Vibes Rastafari blessings overall. Real recognize Real
Good Over Evil X Brankata Music to free our people (Spain Barcelona)

Fam trip is always a quality time

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ZION CORE PRODUCTION Proudly Present to you the Great, Conscious and Lightening International Produced Album STAY STRONGER. Which is going to be Launch on the 06. March, 2016 in Ghana @LastHourBeach Takoradi GH. Its right and zionic recommend to you all to be there for the Party, its going to be unforgetable day. You can get one of this solid Album at every Music shop, Internet stores including ITunes downloads. Once again my respect and big heart strength to all the producers who hardly did work for this Upcoming Album Righteously Big up Kofi Badu Redlinegh for the creative Designed of the CD. Higher Power Grillaras Productions Raswow Raswow based in Jamaica. Forward and Salute Joel Eriksson DoobieSound Production Sweden. Blessings Aurélien Bassy Binet who did the Arrangement and the Editing works. Love and Light to Mike 149Records for the support. Ancient Spiritual Blessings to Y'all. Selah